ZMR250 DIY kit calibration issues

Hi Guys,

Just finished putting together the ZMR250 kit and working through calibration in LibrePilot - it seems that even after ESC calibration, the motors are are starting at different values. Some fire up and spin reliably as low as 1025, while others don’t spin continuously until 1050+.

I’ve re-run the calibration a few times to see if I can get the values anywhere closer, but have had no luck.

I decided to set the values for each motor to the lowest value that would make them spin continuously, complete the configuration and then test the quad to see if the gyro would kick in and help to level the quad - this resulted in many cartwheels and several broken props (ouch).

Would be very grateful for any help troubleshooting this - I’m unsure if I should be suspecting the motors, ESCs or the CC3D itself!

Have you followed the librepilot setup wizard as you dont have to actually calibrate the ESC’s as you just tell librepilot the values that the motors start to spin, so each motor will probably be different and its not a problem. This is explained at around 7:00 in the video below

If you want all motors to be the same the best way to do the calibration is to plug the ESC directly into your receiver as we explain in this ESC calibration guide

Hi Alex - many thanks for your speedy response!

I have followed the video guide and worked through the LibrePilot setup wizard a couple of times, same results each time. Will try once more before reading and attempting your calibration guide!

Is it normal for beeps from one esc to be slightly delayed?

Sorted - one of the motors in the kit had some magnet glue catching on the coils, which stopped it spinning smoothly and caused the drone to flip.

Bought a replacement which has solved the problem.