Zmr250 afro flight betaflight problems

Hi there.
Set my zmr up again. Flashed with betaflight but apon arming and having the motors on tick over, soon as I increase throttle the motors just spin up on there own until flat out. Cannot hover as it just flips. Any ideas please?

It is normal for motors to increase after you have armed the quad and you dont takeoff right away, its a function of vibrations, fast loop times and PID’s.

However as for the quad flipping, it could either be the motors are not connected in correct order, or badly calibrated. or you are in an acro flight mode. best to set horizon mode as default flight mode then the quad will try to keep level.

Thanks for this. I plugged the motors in the same as betaflight has them laid out. Will try via horizon mode. Can you look at it if I cannot get working? Will pay for your time. Thanks Alex

We do currently offer that service at our shop, which also includes postage fees (just search engineering fee)

However I amore than happy to help you get it sorted over the forum’s too as I am sure many others have similar issues and reading this could help in the future :slight_smile:

Hi Alex. I calibrated the motors last night and I can now hover. Will try later. Many thanks for your efforts. Will report back.