Single motor cutting out ZMR 250

Hey guys,

Soo I have recently had a problem relating a qav250 clone build I did a couple months ago. When I plug in the battery and hit the throttle, all four motors spin normally. Every 30 seconds or so flying it will twitch to the front right motor although it is not enough to bring it down. It will also tend to lean to that side as soon as a hover is disabled. When I put a yaw right input, the front right motor will almost completely cut out but not fully causing the drone to crash. I have ruled out the battery option as I used a brand new battery to check, I have tried reprogramming it with openpilot and I have checked all connections to the power distribution board as well as from the esc to motor. I would love to know what is going on if anyone has an idea… Thanks!

Sounds like there could be 2 issues.

1 - since your quad is not staying perfectly level you should try run the accelerometer calibration again, and if one motor stops completely when you yaw, sounds like you might have to do a ESC calibration as well. If you place your quad perfectly level (you can verify using a spirit level) and it should show at perfectly level in librepilot GUI when the accelerometer is correctly calibrated. As for checking the ESC, when you power on, all motors should start spinning at the same time, and at the same speed. For more details on setting it up check out the video that @Sam made:

2 - the other issue could be a faulty connection between your motors and ESC causing it to cutout randomly during flight. The best way to check is to remove the props and apply some throttle to your motor, then wiggle the ESC-motor wires to see if it causes the motor to cut out at any point.

Hope that helps

Unfortunately I tried both of your suggestions and neither worked. I am contemplating buying a whole new racing quad kid and scrapping this one and using it as back up parts

Hmm could you try swapping the motor with one from the other arms to test if it could be the ESC at fault?

Once we know what’s causing the problem, then we can try fix or just replace the faulty part.

But if you want a faster/ more powerful quad it’s a good idea to upgrade :slight_smile:

Yea I think I’m going to just upgrade because that was my first build and I think I will start to race this summer so I might want something a little quicker. thanks though!