Oscillating zmr250

Morning. My zmr250 was flying okay and all of a sudden is unflighable. It’s oscillating badly. Esc and motors seem OK so could it be the afro fc?
Changed pids but no good. I’m not very good at electronics. It’s very twitchy on take off.

It does sound like the PID’s have gone bad, or your ESC are out of calibration. So my suggestion is to first calibrate your ESC (possible via librepilot) and then load the stock settings for the ZMR 250 via the librepilot setup wizard which Sam made a guide for here

Thanks for the info. Just replaced an esc. Not the same as the others. Would this be a problem? On motor testing the new one spins first. Sorry but I’m new to this.

Hi @Simyboye

After fitting a new ESC you will need to re-calibrate, best to do them all.
Have you done this yet ?

Steve :slight_smile:

Replaced all escs and fine. Now dropped channels with my tx. Ordered a new naze32. Should be airborne 2018…

That’s what I like… an optimist …
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: LOL

Good luck and happy flying
Steve :slight_smile:

Honestly. I just want to fly low and frigging fast. I’ll get there…

OK. Flashed board to clean flight but throttle now wrong side. Got v8fr-ii rx. Can I swap cables round or change settings on taranis?

When you say wrong side do you mean wrong channel, or throttle is reversed? If reversed you can change that via the GUI or via taranis.

Hi. Sorted. Twas the mapping for the tx. Thanks for your help :+1: