Naze32 zmr250 stuck in failsafe mode?

Flew the other day no problem. Went home and now the quad is locked in failsafe mode and can’t arm. Was fiddling with the pids. Should I flash betaflight and start again? Been watching rota riot and wanted a really tight flying machine.
FS is setup on my taranis.

That is strange indeed, have you connected to clean flight and checked ur failsafe settings, as !maybe they are set wrong. Could either be a radio failsafe (throttle too low) or maybe the low battery voltage has Ben set wrong?

As for cleanflight vs betaflight one you have good pid then both are as good as each other. But many pilots (myself included) find that beta flight has a better pid loop aglorothm at works better out of the box, and has a couple other recently introduced features that are slowly pushing ahead of clean flight

Thanks for this Alex. FS on tx OK. I’ll flash board tonight with bf and see how it goes. Thank you :+1:

Alex? Where are you?
Flashed board to betaflight. All working bar throttle and motors spinning at there own?
Any idea?
Thanks :+1:

Are the motors spinning when you arm the quadcopter, or when you plug in the battery?

Morning. Once armed motors spin at around 800rpm and if I move the stick more than 2 clicks, motors just spin and spin climbing to full throttle. Wonder if my tx throttle is wrong or needs adjustment.