Drone not arming, then arming with motors turning furiously

I’m having a problem, I do not know hoe to restore my drone to normal. Firstly the quad didn’t arm at all, now it does but when it does the motors turn at a crazy speed for no reason. The joysticks still work and the drone still recieves signals when I turn the right joystic. If I lift the left joystic the motors go at an even stronger speed. (Note: I have a naze 32 board, and I flashed it with a 1.9.0 update, from 2015, not the wisest idea). Also when I try to reflash it on cleanflight it says “failed to open serial port”.

Weird, if you definitely know your driver’s are ok (you can check in device manager), then you might want to change some of the firmware flash options on Cleanflight, like setting the board to flash on connect, manual baud rate and also a full chip erase?

Also make sure you are using the latest version of Cleanflight GUI.

Hope that helps