Motor(s) cut out during throttle up

Hi everyone,

I am brand new to this hobby. I am working on a 250 FPV quad for a school project. Here are the specs:

Motors: RX2204-14
ESCs: F390 30A
FC: Naze32 rev6
Tx/Rx: Arduino with Xbee

It is all built, the ESCs are calibrated, and I thought it was going to work. I slowly throttled up and after a few seconds, 2 of the motors cut out (it is not always consistent on which ones). I cut off throttle and retried it with the same result. No idea what could be causing this. I do not believe it is the ESCs/motors because they work fine when it is just pitch/roll commands without any throttle. In addition, all of the motors work no problem when connecting it to Cleanflight and manually increasing the throttle through the computer. This made me think it was something wrong with my Arduino code but when it was connected through Cleanflight, I went to the receiver section and it looked like it was giving the computer a good throttle value. I also do not think it is the receiver since it has no problems with pitch/roll commands and the difference between that code and the throttle is just basically a variable.

I am thinking it might be something with the FC but I really have no idea since everything seems to work except throttle through the Tx/Rx. This is a weird problem I can’t figure out, after figuring out so many weird problems already :cry: Thanks for any help!


Do you have any mixing going on in your radio by any chance, you can check this by going to the radio tab in Cleanflight and making sure the channels move correctly as per your stick movements.

As your using a Rev6 naze there prone to spazzing out with vibrations, try soft mounting the fc with rubber o rings, can get them from hobbyking for £1

Sorry for the late reply. I recalibrated the accelerometer and messed around with the failsafe and it seemed to do the trick! thanks!