Motor throttle at different speeds

Hi everyone, I’m having trouble finding out what’s wrong with the motors on my quad.

While I’m arming the quad, all motor are spinning at the same speed. But one I increase the throttle, two of the motor spin at the same speed while one of them seems to spin slower and another one faster. This causes my quad to tilt on the slower motor’s end during take off.

I have recalibrate my esc and tx, after that I checked on betaflight the motors spun just as the master throttle commanded. But I seem to find a dead end because once I used throttle on my tx, the problem again pops up. I would be glad if someone can give advices on this matter.

My quad setup is;

  • Fc and esc: Mamba F405 MK2 stack with 4in1 esc
  • Motor: 2212 950kv
  • Tx and rx: Flysky i6x and Fs ia6b
  • Battery : 3000mah 3s 25c
  • Frame : 330 wheelbase

Turn off or recalibrate accelerometer in betaflight and check again.
Maybe accelerometer is not calibrated properly and FC trying compensate that
Assuming that you using angle mode

just make sure all calibrated accelerometers and ESCs. make sure motors spin correct way and in correct order. they normally do that when arming then throttling up, just put some props on (correctly) and give it a go.

Thank you! The throttle is now make more sense after I recalibrate it.

Thank you! The throttle now seems more balanced out once I put props on and fly it.