Speed Motors are not rotating from the transmitter

Hello every one,
I bought a Mamba M4 flight controller and flysky fs i6 transmitter and receiver. I have configure as Ibus the uart6 and I have connect the receiver there. In the betaflight configurator I can see the changes in throttle and pich and roll fields, but the motors are not rotate. Also the motors are rotate when I cange the level in “motor” tab menu. What may happened?
Why the motors are not rotates via transmitter?

Have you armed it???

Yes I have succeed to rotate motors but now I have an other problem. My drone is not able to keep balance. What can I do?

Balanced? do you mean it wont auto level or does it flip when trying to fly.

Hello…from the motors tab you have direct control of each ESC, so what you set is the thing that gets shipped off the ESC. In the event that you raise the expert by half, they all get an order to increment by half. In the event that they rise half in choke in show, they’re all in a state of harmony.

From the TX, in the wake of equipping, your order goes through the control circles, and they are attempting to balance out the airframe to coordinate with your data sources. On the off chance that your airframe’s disposition isn’t yet heavily influenced by the engines (it’s as yet on the ground) those control circles will do apparently idiotic things to get the engines the change the demeanor. It doesn’t have a clue about the ground is authorizing that demeanor, so it’s over-responding on the grounds that nothing it does has any effect.

i do apologize but havent got a clue what you are trying to ask, all i can offer is check all motors going correct way with props on correctly calibrate ESCs and FC and all should bee ok!

Hello friends, thank you for replay. I found out that one motor is not rotating in the right direction and second that one propeller was not right one. I use 6035 propellers. The one pair is 6035 and must be placed to opposite sides from brushless and 6035R must be placed to the other.
I will try to fly again and I will inform the topic. Thank you again.