Motors freaking out

Hey guys tried to do first flight with my drone, noticed it freaks out as I try to lift it up so I connected it to the betaflight and it recorded to you, at start it seems to be fine and responsive but as soon as I little bit give more throttle as you will see in the vid it freaks out, one motor gets full power and other different stuff, I had problem with my motors switched between 3 and 4 but now its okay as it should be, calibrated ESC did reset settings in betaflight and calibrated acceleromter, I had also problem with LED’s that I put started smoking but I disssconnected them. also when I start my drone there is a little unpleasent smell, I dont think that there is a short checked the connections they seem to be fine.
Looking for you help thanks.

Do you have props on your quad? If not this is common, you need props on. Also, check motor rotation in BetaFlight, be sure they spin correctly.

While I was checking ofc I had props off, but when I checked it outside I had props on but I didn’t screw them all they way, about spinning the right way I checked also in betaflight and they are doing correct.

Tried another thing now, did a motor test in betaflight with ANGLE mode on and for some reason while it was on one of the motors didn’t respond at all, I did mod my reciever before, maybe I damaged it?

How you getting on, have you sorted the problem?

Unfortunatley not, waiting for some help, still trying to diagnose the problem.

Hi, so iv always seen others quads spazing out on take off because the motor direction in betaflight isnt set right.
eg, Reversed props! this needs to match the ESC motor directions.

As you said I checked now again, that the motors rotate the right direction and they are,except that, I didn;t quite understand what did you mean in your last sentence?

Hey guys noticed another thing not sure if its a problem, when I connect to betaflight at the starting page the drone at the setup page is drifting very slowly only in his heading position, but when I enter the reciever tab its not moving at all, is it okay?

Iv only ever had that happen on a whoop sorry. Are you running props in or out?

Watch JB video bud.

Did you manage to fix it?

Not yet, when ill be back from work ill check the vid Rifra sent and try to fly it again

Okay so I followed the vid but I didn’t solve the problem, I tried to lift off my drone and it instaflipped like I said before, checked the motors directions and location in the right order- good(added a vid),checked the FC alignment- good its 270 degrees becuase I changed the direction of my board(added a pic).
The problem I think is the drone drifting slowly in the setup page and I dont know how to fix it he didn’t adress it in the vid.
Motors direction vid:
Drone drift in setup tab:
Configuration tab pic:

In the config tab turn off magnotrometer and baromiter and see if that stops it moving. Also what are your ESC’s? and setup? Try going into the sensor tab and seeing whats happening in there.
Maybe try disabling the accelorometer, note, you wont have level or horizon mode.
You haven’t stated what firmware you have on you Flight controller? Can you post a video of you running each motor individually so i can see the quad at the same time.

Turned off barometer and magnometer it didn’t stop moving, my ESC is blheli_S FC is SPFC3 deluxe, reciever is FS-IA6B transmitter is FS-i6,PDB Matek XT60.
Looked into sensors dont see something going on there all stable lines not moving.
I’ll wait with disabling the accelorometer for now maybe we will have better soloutions, firmware is:BTFL 4.0.0 Configurator:10.5.1.
Few mins I’ll post the vids you asked.
BTW, after I turned magno and baro off tried again to lift off, this time after arming I also activated ANGLE and after few secs it just flipped by itself.

This is the vid of the motors

I cant quite make out if the rotation is correct, put some tape on the shafts and check they are actually rotating the correct directions.

From what i can make out motors 2 and 4 seem to be spinning the wrong way, but i cant be sure without the tape

From what I see they seem to be all in the right direction, hope it will be better