Motors freaking out


Looks sound to me too, have you calibrated the ESC’s?
Are you Using default PID’s
Try this Video.


Have you checked that the digital image in betaflight matches the movement of the quad in your hand?


I did calibrate the esc, but I checked the image now and I see that is doing the wrong way from me, if I roll rightwards I see it rolls leftwards,how can I flip it?


There you go, this could be the issue. Could it be wired up wrong? Did you build it? is it a 4in1 ESC? Maybe the roll axis needs reversing in your Radio?


Scratch that i just re read your post and i was mistaken. So you need to keep changing the Flight controller orientation on the configuration page till the model in beta flight moves the same as the quad in your hand. Sometimes its not the setting you would expect it to be as some FC’s are mounted upside down .


I’m playing with they pitch yaw and roll but its not changing right, The FC is placed right but I did now tried to flip it upside down and its rolling fine but now the drone is flipped, so if I change it through the betaflight to be upwards im in the same problem in the start its rolling wrong way, like I need to reverse roll somehow.


It’s defo the FC orientation I think. Don’t flip it in beta flight if its showing correct. Send a vid of you moving it around. I’m assuming that when you control the quad in beta flight with your transmitter it does the correct things on the screen? Send video of you moving the quad on the screen with the transmitter and by moving the quad around.


Exactly! sending the vid in a min


Its a 180 deg difference to what you have already mate and you should be good to go!
You had it set to 270, so set Yaw degrees to 90 and set first gyro to default.


Wierd I did try that buy didn’t notice the change, now it is rolling properly,thank you very much! do you have a suggestion how to fix the slow drift in the image I said earlier?(heading drifts very slowly to the left).
It seems after I set the gyro to default the drift stopped also! many thanks mate! appreciate your help and deddication.


Not a problem at all mate. I have a drift on my whoop quad and it doesnt seem to effect it. Maybe just fly and calibrate the accelaromitor a few times and see what it does. I find a fresh flash is a good way of sorting glitches out. Let me know how it flies.


Ofc I will,I thought it was fixed but it didn’t anyway tomorrow I’ll give it a try.


Good Luck With it. :+1:


Sad to update but still instaflip :confused:
connecting now to betaflight any ideas?
Maybe reflash FC?
Edit: Okay I connected to betaflight similar problem as yesterday,now when I roll left my pitch is raising backwards
Now the right setting is 0 degrees in the yaw axis for some reason going to test it again.


Keep trying the different settings until it acts correctly on the screen.


Alright! had the first takeoff and it was great like the old one, just need to calibrate the accelerometer better becuase its not leveled so much good, last thing if you are not tired of me, I did mod to my reciever to see the batt voltage, but what I see is this and I didn’t notice the voltage is really changing, did I do something wrong?
Used this guide
This is the pic in my remotecontroller:


Good to hear its flying. That stands for internal voltage I think. Does it not go down when flying?


Thanks, and nope it doesn’t change at all


I use frsky and I have an OSD. Haven’t really done much with telemetry sorry bud…


Which OSD are you using? is it possible to add on SPFC3? anything to recommend?