One of the motor is faster

Hello everybody…I have built a DJI f450 , APM 2.8 drone it is my first drone and I have calibrated the ESCs well …but still one of the motor is running faster than the others …how do I tackle this situation I am using flysky FS i6 TX…is there a method to reduce the power given to one of the motor or to control it… please help…I am devastated…

You can calibrate the esc that is to fast and lower the speed…

Luca :slight_smile:

Thanks i did what you said and now it is fine …but still it tilts while flying…is there a way to trim/tune it…

Hey Aviral,
You can Trim your drone at your Radio and your FC and
you can calibrate your accelerometer and let your Drone do the work.
More over you can Tune your PIDs but this is more if your Drone
doesnt fly stable or cant handle Wind very well.

Luca :slight_smile:

If it tilts while flying then its most likely because you did not calibrate your accelerometers/gyros properly, so I suggest you do that via mission planner again and when calibrating make sure the quad is exactly level, 90 degrees etc… and not moving at all when you hit the calibrate button… Using a bubble level (sprit level) will help with this.

Well, I suggest to check the k/v of each motor first.