Problem related to motor

one of BLDC motor in quadcopter is spinning faster than other to maximum speed when started initially. I have checked motor, esc, signal wire from arduino but no problem in these components are found . But when is swapped the signal wire from arduino to esc with another signal wire from three working esc then the problem of spinning faster shifts to another motor So i thought the problem must be with arduino board then i checked that signal pins port for LED blinking and the port was working properly then i suspect that the problem must be with program of FC Can you please help me??

You mentioned an Arduino Board…
Do you mean a Flight Controller with that ?
If yes:
What type of Flight Controller are you using?
If no:
Which Arduino Board are you using and which Software are you running or it / how does the code look like?
Maybe there is an issue with the Code or the Board itself.

Please share your complete setup with us so we can help you better.

We are Arduino Uno R3 as Flight Controller
We are software developed by YMFC
link is attached below : The official YMFC-3D quadcopter project page - Downloads.

Try to recalibrate the accelerometer…
This would make sense if the different spinning Motor is always switching with the pwm signal