One Motor does not spin when armed - Brushed Tiny Whoop

I build a “Tiny Whoop” with brushed motors using an Spracing F3 Evo Flight Controller (Eachine Beecore F3_EVO_Brushed Flight Control Board For Inductrix Tiny Whoop Eac Sale - Banggood USA → DSM2-Version). When I arm the drone only one motor spins and when I higher the throttle only 3 Motors spin. The fourth one only starts at half the throttle. But when I turn the drone the motor spins → Gyro and Accelerometer are calibrated the correct way.
here are some Videos so you can see what it does: DroneTrest - Videos - Google Drive

Can someone help me with that?

For starters:
After installing did you by any chance update the fc and chose “default settings” after flasing?
Check the manual for what the default alignment should be and compare with your bf or cf settings.