Tiny Whoop is not taking off

Hey guys,
I bought a new China Whoop with this Setup:




Camera + VTX:

I configuered everything, how people sad it tutorials but only two motors were spinnig normal, one was sping after about 80% throttle and the last one didnt even spin… (sometimes a little bit)
One time i managed to get this thing flying, but i didnt go higer than the Groundeffect…
My Batterys were fully charged and the Motors are spinng in the right direction …
Hope you guys can help me with that… Winter is coming :open_mouth:

(I find that these brushed motors wear out quite quickly). I wonder if some of yours are faulty to start with.

thanks for the reply,
So your advise would be to swap the “faulty” ones?

Yeah likely to be bad motors, or they maybe have some hair jamming them or props are rubbing on side of frame?

Thanks Alex,

A hair would be possible, but i dont think so… The Motors are nearly brand new,
I double checked the Frame and its okay…
Im going to send the faulty ones back to banggood…
Thanks for your help guys <3