Will more people fly Tiny Whoop in the Winter?

As the title, will more people fly Tiny Whoop in the winter?

I will definitly :slight_smile:


Yeah, im gonna go back to flying my QX90… flies abit better than the whoop in my opinion…

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I will .
I would fly it more if I could get good batts at reasonable price …

oh buddy, tiny whoop battery just $3.39 one pcs from TATTU, and they are free shipping now, only before 31th,Octo.

I guess more, winter is coming, many people fly it indoor.

Really. Will try it in the future if have a chance.

Only problem is eachine don’t make the qx90 anymore but easy enough to build your own brushed quad… I just find the tiny whoop is a tad underpowered with stock motors when you add the camera/vtx.

Feel great now with tiny whoop until now.