Drone tilts and doesn't take off

Hello everyone …I am new to the drone world…I am building my first own Drone …it is uses DJI f450 , APM 2.8 , flysky ia6b receiver and telemetry with 3dr…after finishing the connections and doing all the calibration in the mandatory hardware section of initial setup in mission planner…and calibrating the ESCs …when I tried to start by arming soon when I lifted the throttle one of the propeller came out I used …a 1000 kvv motors with 3mm shaft adapter…soon when I somehow managed to attach them…when I almost reached the highest position of the throttle the drone lifted from one side and tilted and fell destroying the fpv transmitter… what should I do now… please helpe I have a exhibition in the next to next week…

Hi Aviral, that story sounds extremely familiar with an event I had when I made my first drone. Put simply, I installed the incorrect prop on one of the arms. After applying throttle, the whole drone tipped. It destroyed a VTX and damaged my GoPro, I wasn’t too happy. It may change depending on the Flight controller, but you should have a prop rotation layout like this.

I hope this helps.



Trust me ash… I checked the direction in which the motors are rotating…is there something wrong with my propellers…? And I have seen that one of the propeller gets loosen after some time…

In my experience, I would suggest you relook at the props your using. Are you using the stock DJI props?

Sorry…but I don’t know that … here’s a picture of my Drone …

Hey aviral,
Im not a pro at this types of drone but:

Did you checked your motor directions?
Is your Accelerometer calibrated correctly?
Did you checked that your Connections between Radio - Receiver - FC is working properly?
May it possible, that you have soldered wrong or have a faulty part?
Are your PIDs ok?
Also check your Propeller tightness…
If you say that your prop came of… You didnt tighten in well…

Luca :slight_smile:

Thanks Ashley and luca… I’ll follow your advice