F450 is not flying

I made my f450 but at the time of testing it didn’t fly Instead it started to bend over one side and my propeller broke down I am using an apm 2.8 flight controller board see if someone can help me out

Its hard to magically :sparkles: guess what the problem is, can you please provide some more information, and maybe a video showing the problem? Have you gone through the full setup and followed the manual for APM2.8?

I am not able to upload the video they are showing that it doesn’t comes under the extension so ply can you say me why my f450 is not taking off. You can check out this YouTube video it is very much similar to my problem

it would be very kind of you if you help me out .
Components I am useing
Frame- 50cm (+) shape frame
#2. Motor- 1000KV BLDC Motor
#3. Propeller- 10x4.5’
#4. ESC- 30A
#5. Flight Controller- apm2.8
#6. Transmitter & Receiver- FlySky i6
#7. Battery- 2200 mAh LiPo (25C)

Please someone help me out

What voltage is your battery? And are your propellers on the correct way around? And have you calibrated your ESC?

Yes I have calibrated my esc’s
And I have checked propellers
I have a 2200mah battery 30c

Today I recalibrated my apm board and drone was flying but didn’t go high even if I gave full power and even it started to wobble . It would be kind of you if you help me out.

My best guess is that your motors are not strong enough to carry the load of your quadcopter. So either try build a lighter frame, or preferably get some bigger motors. Something like 2212 or 2213 or 2214 size motors will be best.

man I think that I see that top left motor in the video look like it is spinning the right way ut then go the other direction. If you slide the video frame by frame see if you see the same thing.

Just watched again…I think the bottom right is doing the same thing…I know it is hard to tell but to be honest…I think your props are on wrong…or your motors are turning wrong…but either way…go grab a scale…place the quad on the scale…then try to fly…if the weight increased on the scale…well…you at least get a thrust ratio…but you will also see then that the props/motors are wrong…