My build is flying!

I have had my first and second flights with my quadcopter. I want to say many thanks to the Unmandtech guys who sorted out the issues with my order with no problems.

At the moment I do not have a decent camera to attach to my quad so I had to make do with this one which isn’t great but it works. Looking forward to getting the rest of the bits for it soon :smiley:

Thanks for sharing the video, and congratulations on your first flights! Do you have any pics/details of your quadcopter?

I have a blog at which has details about the build. Over the weekend I plan on getting some better photos of the finished quad and some video of it flying (as opposed to just an on-board camera!).

Here is a picture of the completed build though :smile: The camera will be upgraded to a gimble soon and with FPV capability as well.

Anyone interested, here is the BOM so far :smiley: Parts for Quadcopter - Google Sheets

Thanks for sharing, some nice pics too of the f450 and over on your blog :slight_smile:

Also a a nice detailed quadcopter parts list with costing, thats great if unsure on what to buy. Was this your first quadcopter build?

Thanks for the comments :smile:

Yes this has been my first build, although I have been researching for close to 2 years on what to do :laughing: I’ve watched the APM go from 1.x to its current 2.6 version. Took me that long to get to grips with all its features!

That said the APM needs so little setup in the beginning. Just followed the setup wizard and the machine was flying shortly afterwards.