Drone doing flips at take off


My drone will not take off! It just does a flip as soon as I take off, and I am certain my propellers are correct. As soon as I attempt to take off, it seems that one of my motors goes to 100% when the other drops to 0%. It appears that the motor shoots to 100% before the other one drops to 0%, so I think it is trying to compensate of the motor going to 100%. I have no idea why it is shooting to 100%.

I have had this quad for a bit and it has flow well before. Because of this issue, I decided to flash the new esc firmware , J_H_15_48_REV16_77.HEX to my anniversary special edition Racerstart REV35 BLheli_S 4 in 1 esc. This did not fix the issue. I have also investigated the motors in betaflight and all appear to be working fine. The orientation of my FC is also correct. I am using DSHOT 600 still, still testing if this has anything to do with it.

Any and all advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

When I had that problem, I found that my yaw was 90 degrees out which can be fixed in Betaflight. The simulated quad on the first page was moving the wrong way around when I connected it to Betaflight and you can change the yaw degrees on the right hand side of the same page , hope this helps.

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It ended up being the motors incorrectly matching. My second and third motor was swapped in betaflight

I had a similar issue with a new build. It was caused by the motors being in the wrong order in the ESC. They were all soldered to the correct positions but some reason were not mapped correctly from the flight controller. I used this video to fix it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeuSq71pYF0&t=2s Ignore the bit about the flight controller direction.

Hope this helps,