Pixhawk flip and crash

I am using pixhawk flight controller with 450 frame and 1400kva motor and Skywalker ESC I have assembled all parts and I have done ESC calibration successful but when I arm my drone and give some throttle my drone get flipped and get crashed I am unable to fly quadracopter so I need help for safe and successful fly please help

Did you calibrated your Gyro and Accelerometer correctly?

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Also a few more things to check:

  • Make sure the motors are connected in the correct order and spinning in the correct directions
  • Make sure the propellers are on the correct way around
  • Make sure the flight controller orientation is set correct in the software
  • Ensure you have calibrated your Gyro and Accelerometer correctly (as per @Luca suggestion)
  • Check radio calibration and that there is no mixing setup on your radio
  • Make sure your ESC have all been calibrated to have the same PWM range.
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Thanks for replying

Yes have caliberate my ESC, Radio and accelerometer and gyro I think there is some issue in flight controller and ESC wiring tell me how I should wire my ESC and motor with flight controller

Best way is to the download a flight log and run the auto analyser… it should be able to detect if there is a problem with something

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Post a video so we can see what is happening.

FWIW, flipping on take-off is always a motor/prop problem.

Verify that you are using the correct motor layout, and that the motors are connected correctly to the motor outputs on Pixhawk.

Use Motor Test in Mission Planner > Initial Setup > Optional Hardware > Motor Test to verify the motors are spinning in the correct directions.

NOTE: Motor Test will test the motors starting from the RIGHT FRONT and proceeding in a clock wise direction. Motor Test DOES NOT follow the motor layout numbering…

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