Pixhawk only runs in stabilize mode



I’m running an f550 with a pixhawk controller and taranis to…2212/920 motors and simonK 30 amp esc’s…1045 props…pretty common set up…it arms normally and takes off in stabilize mode…it gitates a little but I manage to hold it…when I when I switch to gps mode it flies for a minute or so, then the lights start flashing in the pixhawk, it starts beeping and goes into a dive…if I’m lucky, I can switch it back into stabilize before it crashes…other times I’m not so lucky…I’ve flashed the firmware multiple times, disabled the onboard compass, and calabrated the esc’s…totally frustrated and open to input…


I suggest the first thing to do is look at the log files on your SD card as you can find the problem and cause there. We have a quick guide here -


Thanks for the link…my GSC is amp planner 2 and I’m not running with mavlink, so it will take some time to figure out all the readings…any suggestion on a bench test I could perform to get to the root of the matter…it seems that when one reading spikes, they all seem to spike, like my vibrations, voltage, and attitudes…
Any suggestion is welcomed…thanks!