Pixhawk Mini - Motor/Servos Not working

I got a Pixhawk Mini, we’re using ArduPlane V3.8.0beta3 and Mission Planner 1.3.44.

I’ve gone through several firmware versions, I’ve tried QGroundControl, APM Planner.

The compass/GPS, SF11C laser altimeter, a PX4 pitot tube, a 3DR 10S power module, a phoenix edge lite 50 34V Castle ESC, with an AXi 5320/34 kv206 motor.
I’m using a Futaba T10J, and when I arm the pixhawk, having gotten a GPS fix, a green LED light, my servos twitch, they work fine (my left aileron doesnt work, but i guess I just need to mirror the values of the other servo pin in the Mission Planner parameters to get it to work), my ailerons seem to be coupled with my rudder though.
Anyway, I hear my motor ticking when I push the throttle lever up, but it does not rotate.
I was wondering if anyone had encountered a similar problem or if there is a parameter I’mm not aware of that could be causing the motor to not turn. I’ve tested the ESC/Motor ensemble with another Pixhawk (not Mini Pixhawk) and they work just fine, so the problem does not seem to be necessarily the hardware of those components.
I’d appreciate any insight on this. Thanks!