How to calibrate ESC's on my arducopter

Can you plz tell me how should I calibrate my ESC using radio telemetry and run my motors to fly in guided mode?
Can I power my apm using usb and run radio telemetry?


This is how you calibrate your ESC’s on a pixhawk based system: You actually dont connect it to your PC for this.

For more details on ESC calibration in general check out this ESC calibration guide

Thanks for your prompt reply but I’m using APM 2.8 and I don’t have RC control rather 433Mhz radio telemetry unit for communication with the board. How do I calibrate my ESC? Or How can I run motors ? Is it through MavLink?

No the ESC caibration is the same as pixhawk systems. You will need an R/C Radio to calibrate the ESC’s

There is no manual throttle as we are building it in guided mode. Is there an alternative without throttle??

You could use something like a servo tester to calibrate the ESC’s.