ESC & Motor testing with STV2.3 Servo Tester

Hi all, I am building my first quadcopter. I decided to test my motors using the STV2.3 Servo Tester. 3 of the RacerStar BLHeli_S 20A ESC V2 (DShot) is rotating continuously on the Neutral setting of the servo tester while one is not moving at all on the Neutral settings. All 4 motors are rotating while on manual or auto setting of the servo tester. Do I have a problem with my ESCs? What is expected to happen on the neutral setting? Many Thanks

Because your ESC use Dshot, that is a digital.protocol, wheras a servo tester send s an analogue pwm signal. You will first need to change the settings on your ESC to turn off dshot., But having Dshot is way better to o suggest you leave it on.

If you need to test your motors/ESC you can do so via software now. Read about that here BLHeli ESC Guide for Multirotors (passthrough mode)

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Thanks Alex. I am going to try the software option. I will update you shortly. BTW … I am going to try the BLHeli Configurator as mentioned on this post How to run BLHeliSuite on Mac as I am using a Mac.

Hi Alex,

I am using APM 2.8, can I use BLHeli passthrough mode with APM 2.8? Or do I need to buy USB linker? What I understood the passthrough mode is the best option to calibrate all 4 ESCs together.

I got 4 RacerStar BLHeli_S 20A ESC V2 (DShot) ESCs.

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