Issue with enabling bi-directional dshot

FC - Kakute f7 AIO - BF V4.2.1
ESC - Furling 32 F3 - V13.7

All work perfectly well, esc telemetry works fine.
Running 8k / 8k

When bidirectional dshot is enabled, then a battery plugged in, the ESC continually restart, just playing the startup tones over and over, not getting to final ‘initialisation’ beeps… They are obviously not fully booting as BLHELI Suite will not find them when this feature is enabled.

It seems to just be the ESC’s rather than the flight controller

Cannot seem to get around this
Any ideas?


Update - i went into the motors tab with the battery plugged in, set the motors to max, one beep, reduced sliders to 0, second beep, then the problem went away - same procedure as the old esc calibration…

Is this supposed to happen?

i dont think so, at least its never happend to me when setting this up.