Bl heli suite won't connect

Esc: Dys opto 20amp esc
Bl heli installed

Working previously with cc3d ground,pos and signal wired to all 4 esc from FC

Using naze 32 thin rev 6.

Got ground and pos 5v going into FC from pdb.

And signal wires to all 4 esc.

Esc connected to pdb direct.

When attached to lipo they start chiming but stop after the first tune.

Then when I connect to Bl heli and read settings they beep continuously…

And I get the following errors:

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

Could you maybe include a photo of your ESC, as some older BLheli ESC cannot connect via BLheli suite?

Also are you powering yor ESC via battery when connecting to BLheli suite?

Also I guess you are using a USB linker? If so which one and are you certain you installed the correct drivers?

Escs are pictured, they are integrated into the frame.

Using betaflight pass through to connect.

Yup connected with battery etc when trying to connect.