Swapping an ESC


I had to swap an ESC due to it exploding I couldn’t get the same one so got one as similar as possible. When I plug the battery in the motors twitch as they should but it only makes half of the startup beep sequence it should and no leds light up on the lux fc. Any ideas? Do I need to reset something in beta flight, not sure if it will even connect as I don’t have a computer to hand.


Hey henrycreed,

Can you tell me, which Esc Tone is missing?
Every Tone has a different meaning…



Hey henrycreed,

Maybe this Diagramm will help you :slight_smile:

Here is the Link, where you can look at “other Beeps” : http://www.blheli32.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/BLHeli_32-manual-ARM-Rev32.x.pdf



The last two tones are missing; just tried to connect to beta flight and it says failed to open serial port and no leds light up on the flight controller.


The FC was working fine, ESC blew due to a busted bearing in one of the motors. Quad has been out of action for a month or so and as far as I know there’s no reason for the board to be fried but I’m starting to think it is. Someone on another forum mentioned it may be down to different software on my replacement ESC but surely I would still be able to connect to the FC?


Hey henrycreed,

-Is your receiver bound, and have you connected it properly?
-Did you calibrate your Escs?
-Please tell me, which FC, Receiver and Radio you are using :slight_smile:



The receiver is definitely bound correctly I have a voltage sensor which is transmitting the voltage reading to my transmitter correctly. I can’t calibrate the esc’s without connecting to beta flight can I? It is a lux flight controller.

Thanks luca


You can calibrate via BLHELI Suite