Im missing rhe last two beeps when not in betaflight

Hi im missing the last two beeps when i plug in the lipo and the receiver leds dont light up. But when im in betaflight the reciever leds come on as nornal and i get the full( blah blah blah beeep beeep). All the stick inputs show up in the receiver tab. Im not sure what is wrong with it
I have a eachine wizard x220s with a fysky r xsr receiver and taranis qx7. Please help
Also no lights on the fc when not plugged in by usb

Please double check your Receiver connections and try to recalibrated your escs via BlHeli Suite.

Sounds like the 5v BEC that converts the lipo voltage into 5v for the FC isn’t working

Im still new to flying i cant quite understand blheli suite. In not sure how to use it.

Is there anything i can do about that. I didn’t crash or anything it just wont arm. Could a cable have came lose whilst transporting it possibly

how are you arming your quad?

With a switch on the taranis the far back one on the left.

what model do you have selected?

I recently just had it repaired and i just use the one thats on the radio called wizard.sorry im so useless at explaining. It worked for a few flights

no its fine.

I’m only asking as I’m the one that carried out your repairs.

It could be a fault FC or a fault with power to your FC from the lipo.

Hi thanks for the repair. Yeah im at a loss on how to get it working again.

When you plug the quad into betaflight on your computer.
It all works… ESC beeps, Rx lights up and Betaflight works on your computer.

But when you plug the lipo in…
Your missing ESC beeps and the RX doesn’t light up?

Thats right. Ive checked for lose cables. And i cant see anything obvious

do you have a volt meter?

Yes i do im not to familiar with how to use it

Im sure i can work itout. Ive only ever used it to check if the frame was cf when i got it and not used it since


I think what you need to do is.

Remove props
Remove the top plate
Plug in a lipo
Test for 5v on the board.

I cant remember if thats 5v or lipo voltage

Be careful not the touch the pins together with the probes

Those cables are going to the vtx

Can you get me a better picture of this