Im missing rhe last two beeps when not in betaflight

Sorry that wasnt the best picture. Ill try again

Not sure thats any better.

That cable also plugs into the ESC can send a picture of that.

All picture help… your doing good.

I just noticed the black cable that would normally go to the back led has come lose. Im not sure if that has happened whilst taking it apart ir not

I just placed it onto the board and plufged in the lipi but no change

could you show me the cable

The black one coming from the little white plug

that won’t stop your FC from powering on.

I think something has died.
guessing the power between the ESC and the FC

With a volt meter how many volts are showing here?


Should the lipo be plugged in and what mode should the meter be new to this kind of testing

If ive done it right the meter reads 00.4 but i doubt i did it right

no thats not right…

With a lipo plugged in it should so the same voltage as the voltage.

You can check it against the wires lipo wires next to it

you volt meter should have a setting on it that looks like this


Excellent the read out was 16.53

The same as on the fc also

I have to leave for the school run. Ill be back in half an hour. Thanks for all the help so far

Back now. What does it mean if they both are getting power?

So that good you have 16v on the FC.

Look for a 5v + and Gnd
That should show 5v when the lipo is plugged in.


Also the Rx should be powered up