X220S shows no radio movement in Betaflight

when I plug my lipo into the Wizard x220s only the first 3 sounds come in quick succession. The last two tones that normally sound after a short pause are missing. My receiver on the drone is glowing red, so it is getting the signal from the remote. However, when I look in Betaflight to see what signal the control is providing, I see nothing. I have reset the drone and remote control to factory settings and reconnected, thinking that it would then work again. unfortunately wrong thought.
can someone please help me with my problem?

kind regards, Jakob

have you had it working, did you update firmware then it not working???

it worked, then i crashed and since the crash it’s not working. i changed the Video Transmitter because the antenna broke off. i did not update.

Sounds to me like your signal wire from reciver to FC is broken of.

I checked all connections… they are good