Cannot get my motors to spin

I recently installed a XM+ receiver on my Wizard X220s paired with a new Taranis Lite. However, after figuring out Betaflight and binding my radio to the new receiver, I cannot get the motors on my quad to spin. Betaflight detects the input from my radio perfectly, even when I arm and disarm the quad. However no matter what I try I cannot get my quad in the air because of this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

don’t for get that while you are plugged into BF via USB, it wont let your motors spin… its a safety feature.

You can go to the motors tab and unselect the safety … PROPS OFF first please.

Yes sir, already tried that. Regardless of if I have turned the safety feature off or dont have it plugged into betaflight and try it, I cannot get any spin up of the motors. Any ideas?

if is was working before and all you have done is changed the receiver. also you have confirmed the inputs on receiver tab are working, the only thing i can think of is with the throttle all the way down the FC must see a input less than 1000 , check that please.

and dont forget to centre others at 1500.