Betaflight doesnt respond to the radio in the reciever tab

After connecting the quad in Betaflight and going to the reciever tab the bars don’t move in response to the rc controller. I’m using the fs-i6 transmitter and fs-ia6b reciever on the wizard x220.

I think with the wizard by default it should be set to ppm mode in betaflight (config tab). Also are you sure your radio is bound to the reciever?

Also it seems that recently eachine seem to be shipping a bunch of wizards with with did ia6b recievers, so does your have any sign of life in the form of LEDs? I think we had two cases of this last week so send customers replacement recievers and they where good to go again.

Have you bound the receiver?

Yeah in the config tab its set to PPM. The radio is bound to the reciever (solid red light) so I don’t think that’s the problem

Yes the reciever has a solid red light and the radio shows the quad on it’s screen

Have you made sure that you’ve set the channel map to the correct setting?eg TAER1234

One other thing you might want to double check is that the receiver is actualy connected to the correct port on your SP3 Flight controller as the PPM connector should go to IO 1.

However was the receiver all working when you first used your wizard X220? And only after flashing betaflight did it stop working?

Yeah that was the issue, just had to plug it in correctly… Thanks!

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