First Build Question: What could cause all 4 of my ESCs to suddenly stop working?


I’m working on my first Quadcopter build, and after finishing the soldering portion and attaching a 4S battery, I got the (1-2-3) startup beeps on my BLHeli_32 ESCs.

I’ve tried a few times sucessfully, but after a little bit the beeps stopped happening when I plug in the battery. I don’t recall making any drastic changes…

My flight controller still seems to work fine, it talks to Betaflight Configurator seemingly OK. I have gotten the receiver to work and receive information in Betaflight as well.

I have installed BLHeliSuite, but it cannot find any ESCs.

Is there any way I could have somehow fried all 4 ESCs simultaneously? Or are the ESCs waiting for some sort of signal that I don’t know of? The ESCs arent blinking or making any noise whatsoever…

Relevant parts:

Flight Controller: Matek F722-SE

ESCs: Racerstar Tattoo+ 52A

1st thing i would check is make sure your throttle is 100% lower that 1000us in betaflight when armed

I don’t think you have killed all 4 ESCs as that would be extremely bad luck…

@dale589 is on the right track I think…
If ESC’s see a throttle signal high enough during power up they go into a calibration mode.

So a couple of things to try…
In betafight set the motor protocol to dshot600 ( save and reboot )
remove props
download and use BLHeliSuite32 not 16
and see if you can detect your ESCs
You may need to plug in a lipo and connect then read configuration ( or something close to that )
if you can untick “program of Tx” (its near the top… I think)
Save your settings and unplug the lipo

See if that works
also make sure your throttle moves from 1000 to 2000 in the receiver tab and min
your ‘stick low’ threshold should be higher than the low throttle… so

My channel goes from 1000 - 2000
My ‘stick low’ threshold is 1010

Give that a go and let us know how you get on…

Hi, thanks for the responses!

I had been using dshot300 for testing earlier, but changing to dshot600 made no difference.

I have been using BLHeliSuite32, here is the message I get when trying to ‘Read Setup’ or ‘Check’ inside BLHeliSuite32:

Where is ‘Program of Tx’ found, and what does it do? I was not able to locate it when I searched around…

Here are screenshots for throttle low and throttle high:

Low (throttle is in this position upon startup):


The thing that I should mention is that I used to get the (1-2-3) beeps when plugging in the LiPo battery, but I do not get these anymore.

I have had all four ESC to stop beeping a few times. To fix them I went back to betaflight or cleanflight and calibrate all four ESC over again and it fix them. Gave me a really sinking feeling each time it happen thinking they fried each time and calibration fixed them each time. Also each time it happen, I was working on drone adding something or fixing something on drone. Hope this helps and your fix is as easy as mine???

Sorry I was wrong… untick Throttle Cal Enable

I tried this, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. When I click ‘check’ or ‘read setup’ the checkbox gets re-ticked again.

What exactly do you mean by calibrating the ESCs from Betaflight? Just setting the throttle to max and min from the motor tab?

Reset the esc’s, try BLHeli confugurator
Flash it corrupt esc inbulit software