Esc beeping and motors jerking when trying to calibrate escs on Betaflight, pls HELP!

when trying to calibrate escs in betaflight like this video :
in betaflight at 2000 and at 1000 they start beeping every 1 sek, but when moved in between the beeping stops, and when it is in 1024 or sometimes at 1040 the motors start to rotate but with jerking(see scrennshots below).

Another annoying problem is that one of the ESCs the 4th motors esc, beeps like the other ones when in position 1000 and 2000, but like the other motors 1,2 and 3, this one doesnt rotate or even jerk it stays quiet,??
I checked by connecting it to motor 3s esc and it seems to be working fine(meaning it jerks likewise), but when connected to it own esc, there is no movement.
Why is this happenening? is the esc broken, did i get a faulty one? but if it is broken then why does it beep every 1 sek when in motor mode 1000 and 2000?

pls help! Im quite new to this building a quad, this is my second attempt to build one, so please give me support!
By the way u can also see in one of the pictures how 3 of the 4 motors rotate jerkingly, but not one of them, why i dont know.

Do i perhaps need to buy the DJI Snail ESC-program to calibrate the escs? is that why I am having this problem?
See pic bellow to see more pics of my drone and how the soldering point look and specific pic of ESC 4 and how its connencted to the PDB(FCHUB) - power distribution board.

Just to mention i have jet to connect a reciever to the drone, because the one i got with my transmitter i cannot connect because the F405-std doesnt support pwm i guess, so I am still waiting for my compatible reciever to arrive, so that u know, thats why I am trying to calibrate my esc through betaflight before the reciever comes.

My equipment is as following:

FC: mateksys F405-std
PDB: FCHUB-6s mateksys
Motor+esc : DJI Snail Racing Propulsion System
Batteri: 3s 5500mAh - 50C - Gens Ace Deans Bashing Series

this is assuming all wires connected to the correct place.
Remove the ribbon cable from between PDB and FC, make sure in good condition, if it looks crimped anywhere use the other you got with FC ( matek have always provided two per FC) when refitting make sure ribbon cable is fully home and all four locking tabs are fully home.
other than that im lost with the DJI power system.