Getting some crazy wobbles

im facing a really weird problem that has never happened to me.
Every time i try to increase the throttle above 50%, the quad is starting to get some crazy wobbles.
Im using DJI snail system, so the escs and motors and Naze 32.
Any help?

Here is a video:

My build:
PDB : Matek XT-60
FC: Naze32
ESCs: DJI Snail 430-R
MOTORS: DJI Snail 2305 Motor
RX: Spektrum 4648

Here is a video:

Either it’s just a vibration issue or its a problem with the motors/ESC having a desync issue (adjusting the ESC timing can fix this. Also since you are using both dji motor and ESC it’s likely to be a vibration issue since you quad is on the table and wobbling as motors spin.

Might want to try a low altitude flight over grass to see if you get the same issue

How do you adjust the ESC timing? I dont really want to fly with it, if it is getting these crazy wobbles. Do you have any other suggestions ?

Thanks for the reply

You really need to fly it to see what’s happening. Just take it up 5 ft and stand clear, finger on the kill switch. A few times I have thought I had issues but in the air it was okay.

Had one drone that had wobbles in the air and it was over compensating trying to level itself. PIDs needed tuning, slow process but solved the problem.