Naze32 rev6 quad oscillating after lift off

Hi everyone, Just finished building and programming the naze 32 rev6 all seemed good until the first flight. After lift off the quad gets an oscillation which gets worse and worse and I have to disarm it. Need help to where I have gone wrong. Here is a link to my video.

It sounds like the PID settings are not dailed in well at all. Also it might be worth double checking that your ESC’s are all calibrated correctly too.

However your quad behavior makes me think your P gain is set way to low, so you should try to increase that to see fi that helps. However did you use the default PID gains as they are usually good enough for most quadcopters.

This video is useful as it shows the various effects of poor PID gains

  • 0:00 To low P-Gain: hard to control, easy to overcorrect
  • 0:45 Correct P-Gain: easy to control and fly
  • 1:19 Too high P-Gain: Oscillates rapidly. Gains height easily. Hard to control height. Oscillating sound from motors.
  • 1: 47 Too high I-Gain: Same as with too high P-Gain, but oscillates with a lower frequency.
  • 2:06 Single axis tuning on a string; Setup: Set yaw PI-gain to zero and Roll/Pitch I-gain to zero
  • 2:19 P-gain too low: Slow and imprecise stick response. Easy to turn by hand.
  • 3:08 Increased P-gain: Sharper stick response. Harder to turn by hand
  • 4:05 Good P-gain: Sharp stick response. Slight oscillations when releasing the stick. Hard to turn by hand
  • 5:02 Too high P-gain: Oscillates rapidly. Oscillating sound from motors
  • 5:36 Good P-gain, too low I-gain: Moves back to center when stick is released due to gravity. Easy to move by hand over long time
  • 6:12 Good P-gain, good I-gain: Stays in position when stick is released. Very hard to move by hand over long time
  • 6:55 Good P-gain, too high I-gain: Oscillates, but with a lower frequency than with too high P-gain

I checked my esc calibration again and all seemed good, but then I noticed that when I go to full throttle using the transmitter all motors spool up to 2000 rpm but then three of them start to loose rpm one going all the way back to idle. the funny thing is that when I use the master throttle bar in cleanflight they all go to 2000rpm and stay there. Do you think I have some bad esc’s?

i dont think there is anything wrong with your ESC but most likely a setting in cleanflight. But it might be worth checking if you have any dodgy solder joints between your motor and esc, but having bad connections would not slowly reduce the power of your motors, neither would a faulty ESC.

Did you change any of your PID settings and did the wobble go away?

Thanks for the input but I think there is something wrong with my board. I have done alot of research and it seems that this is a fairly common problem. I have seen a few videos on youtube where poeple have the same problem as me. There fix was board replacement. I also came across an artical where they say not to have power supplied through the bec when you have it connected to the pc as this board has no diode to protect it.

You are correct that it’s a good idea to remove the red wires from your wax if they have a bed built in.

I could be wrong, but in my experience I am pretty sure it’s a PID issue with your quad as your flight is exactly what happens if your P term is set too low. Also what esc firmware are you running and have you set them up with cleanflight? Are you using one shot mode? Of so yet disable that to see if things improve.

Also are there any noticable vibration issues on your quad due to imbalance motors/props as excessive vibrations can confuse the sensors.

OK now I’m getting some where. It flies quite nice in horizon and acro mode but it still flips out in angle mode.
At this stage I don’t really care about angle mode so I will keep flying in horizon mode and get it dialed in there. Thanks for the help everyone.

Happy to hear you are making some progress :smile: Just to check was the issue the PID values?