Naze 32- Crusader 190


I have just recieved my crusader 190.

I have set up as per instructions, loaded cleanflight,

My tx inputs/ max min etc are stable.

I have calibrated my esc. all seems stable.

This happens in Acro and Auto level.

However when I increase the throttle slowly it reacts erratically and the 4 motors increase/decrease wildly…

any ideas?

I have read this might be a PID issue, or just a dodgy naze board.


Issue; During bench testing the throttles jump about wildly when slowly spooling the motors up.

I have since put props on and tested in a hover.

It hovers but still jitters/ jumps yaw right.

this happens in angle/ horizon and rate mode.

i have re flashed board/ esc with the latest firmware.

Any ideas? dodgy naze?

Confirmed naze board twitches yaw right when flat/ level and isolated from the frame.

Much like the Rev 6a boards.

Hoping unmanned tech will swap for a functioning board…

Something like this happened to me. Initial setup sometimes has the Level P term set to 9.0. It should be more like 2.0.

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I ran into this myself, I had dropped mine down to 4.0 and it still returned back to level quickly, but had no other adverse effects.
Elliot_Booley: What do the rest of your PID’s look like? All it takes is one number off and your system will go bonkers.