CC3D stability issue

Hi all,

I am currently facing electronics issues with a quadcopter I just made. Despite all performed researches, I am still not able to find a solution.

Here is my setup:

Frame: Homemade (260) H frame made of wood and aluminium.
Flight Controller: Open Pilot cc3d nano
Motors: DYS BE1806-2300kv Brushless Multirotor Motor 3S~4S
Props: Gemfan 5030 (ABS)
Battery: Zippy 4S 1300mAh 40C

Sometimes, during a classic flight, the quad seems to become crazy without any reasons. It flips around all axis and end this hell spinning on the ground :cry:

At first, I made a complete reset of the CC3D in order to know if the FC could be involved but the problem is still here.
After that I moved the ESCs from the inside of the frame to the outside because I suspected an over temperature on the ESCs. The problem is still here.

If you have any ideas which can help me to solve this issue, that will be great :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance for your help, sorry if I have made some grammar mistake, english is not my native language.

First of all: Im German. … Same english Problem :smiley:
Maybe Your P is to High. … (The P From PID)
Also Lower the I and higher The D (only a Little Bit. …)
I Hope i was able to help. … :slight_smile:
IF you have time then{
Please make a Video of Your Problem

PS: If you Do @Luca , i get an email, so i will be able to help faster. …

Hi @Luca,
Thank you for your answer.

This issue does not look like a PID tunning mistake to me because the quadcopter is really stable and suddenly it turns in crazy mode.

I will make a video of the problem as soon as I can.

Okay. …
I will looking forward to your Video. …
Maybe move the Battery to the Bottom…


Hi Luca,

Here are two videos of the encountered issue.

I hope it will be more clear for you.


(I forgot the symbol @)

Whilst you are waiting for other responses …
How is this progressing ?
Does it always occur in the first few seconds of flight ?
The second video looks like " unwanted yaw " .
Is the flight controller firmly mounted ?
Can you try other battery for power. .?

Hi berbac,
Im VERY sorry for dont answering… Just forgot to check my emails…
Is there a sound of the ESc after your drone stops to work ?
Is your Flight Controler in the right way? (as uxg said…)

Hello all,

@uxg It occurs randomly at the beginning or in the middle of the flight. I maybe have found a relation between yaw input on my Tx and this situation. When I ask for a high yaw input, the situation occurs.
The flight controller is firmly mounted using velcro tape.

@Luca Yes there is a sound from the quadcopter once it stop to work but, I cannot be sure to locate the source of the sound precisely. It should come from the ESC of the motor who seems to stop. The FC is in the right way because sometimes, I can fly few minutes before crashing ^^.

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:


It would be good to establish that it’s not a power issue.
What is the battery state of discharge after flight ?
What is the length of flight ?
What is the weight of craft ?

Does it hover at around 50% throttle ?

Hey Berbac,

Try this …
If your Quad is like the one at 40 seconds, Joshua tells how to fix that :slight_smile:
I hope, this will solve your Problem, and that you will never have such a Problem over this long period of time :slight_smile:

Yours Sincerely