My quadcopter isnt stable , :(

hellow everyone …i somehow managed to make my first drone and put it to test flights …i found out that it is not stable and does a little bit of wobbling wich ends up in a crash … why does this happen … ican anyone suggest me how to make this stable . iam usig flame450 with cc3d

cheeers sachin , :wink:

Sounds like it could be a bad PID values, we have e some details on PID tuning over on the cc3d guide

Otherwise if you can give some more details of the motors and ESC and best of you can show a video of the flight so we can try to help

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Hi Alex @unmannedtech1
Sachin has posted before when he was building this quad
He is in India and purchased local, FlyColor 30A ESC’s and unbranded 2212 motors

@Sachin_Cb I agree with Alex this is probably PID setiings, his guides are great, study them and hopefully you will get flying well soon

Steve :slight_smile:



Just wondering in his other posts - the ESC being used - I have some- are not brilliant - did anybody explain to him how to set the throttle with these esc? When I tried them as they arrived - I had the same “wobble” oscillations - I set the throttle start up point even all motors - and I was OK. But all was tuned till I swapped the ESC. I guess he was also advised to balance props etc,.

I find I need very little change on stock CC3D pids to start - maybe he could lower his rate and slow it down a bit to learn on.

I also have flycolor esc’s and they seem pony, they won’t calibrate and my quad looks like a bucking horse in the air

Here is a link to my Dropbox - I got Flycolor in China to email me this specification sheet.
A problem is - on eBay and most of the online stores in China etc,. have ESC with the bright yellow heatshrink, ESC wires in blue. Thier ESC to RX tricolor wires ore the “old” yellow,brown and red. BUT I also picked up one to try from another eBay store and on this, the ESC to RX wires are red,white and black. So it seems either they are copies and use a different colour to “differentiate” from the others or the first is the copy and the second is “genuine”.

I have gathered up 8 of these and on two quads… they wobble more than a Sumo’s belly!
I just cannot master the beep and bleep counting “calibration” with the TX - if anybody can - please do a vid on youTube :slight_smile:

Link: FlyColor.pdf

I’m going to be radical and say “chuck them in the trash can and buy something decent”
Sorry :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Decided to use them on a couple of beat up 450 frames - to practice flips and rolls! :imp:

No your completely right I’m now the proud owner of 4 little bee pros, at £9 each it was a no brainer for me