I need help with these ESC , :)

i have 4 of these ESCs and i was planning to built my first quad with these along with a CC3d flight controller …

iam not so familiar with EScs and knows nothing about battery eliminator circuits etc …is there anything i should do before directly plugin them onto my cc3d flightcontroller ;;

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I didnt get any replies till now. :sweat:

Thick wires
Red wire to Lipo positive
Back wire to LiPo negative
Three blue wires to brushless motor wires, if motor turns in wrong direction then swap over any two of the blue wires, this will reverse the motor

Thin wires
Black is signal ground which is same as LiPo negative
Red is 5v supply out from ESC, you can use this to power flight controllers, radio RX, and other 5v accessories, take care not to draw too much current from this red wire, limit it to 500mA, linear regulators get warm (normal) or hot to indicate a problem.
White is the PWM signal from the flight controller which tells the ESC how fast the motor should run, look out for calibrating guides in YouTube, there are plenty
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251400-1001 V2.1 标准航模英文说明书.pdf (543.5 KB)

The are made by FlyColor - the PDF give you all the information you need…

I suggest very strongly that before you do anything - you go on youTube and search for “quad builds” - no matter what size the frame - it will show you the basics of building. If you do not know basic electrics… Red is live power line - Black is negative or Ground or Earth. Get these wrong and you fry everything.
You are aware that all joints need soldering together and insulating or for the 3 wire motors to ESC you can use male and female 3.5 bullett connectors.

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stevietee10’s information is very good.

Personally, if using the Battery Eliminator Circuits [BECs], I’d only use one of the four. If I need more current, I’d drop the BEC’s in the Electronic Speed Controllers [ESCs] and use a separate, dedicated BEC (sometimes called a UBEC).

A quick question in reference to “iam not so familiar with EScs and knows nothing about battery eliminator circuits etc”

Rhetorical but, why did you purchase these particular units?
i.e. why with BEC, Why this current, and (as not shown) is the operating voltage range correct? (usually stated in “S” e.g. 3S to 4S)

I only ask, as I spent about 3 months spec’ing all the parts for my first quad a few years ago (much more info available today). I have a very good grounding in electronics, but brushless motors and propeller designs/efficiencies were new to me, and so I took a long time going around and around the design process. Being a tight-wad, I was also trying to use a minimal budget. :slight_smile:

Best of luck with your build! Don’t be put off by failure. Do have fun, and fly responsibly. Check everything over and over! Buy lots of cheap propellers (and a balancer) before lashing out on expensive ones.
The air is an hostile environment in the case of a failure, this is why aircraft have flight checks on EVERY flight! Gravity is an unforgiving mistress!

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I asked Flycolor to send me a PDF of this speification sheet - IF - yours are Flycolor - this may help.

FlyColour ESC Spcification sheet