Emax escs wiring

I have some old escs off a emax 250 racer there are no receiver

leads wondering if anyone has figured out how to use them

They are some of the oldest ESC’s I’ve seen in a long while

I think they are SimonK 12Amp. (Non BLHeli)

At a guess…
RED - Lipo Postive from the PDB
Yellow - Signal wire to the FC
Black - Lipo Ground from the PDB

The 3 Connection point on the left are for the motor.

Hi Dwayne @indyair
Do you have a photo of the underside ?
Steve :slight_smile:

Hi Dwayne @indyair
I’m sure Jason @DoomedFPV is correct with the wire colours.
I’ll see if I can identify it enough to get you the spec.
Might take a few days though
Steve :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve, appreciate you guys taking time to help…Cheers