Product Guides / Datasheets


Please can anyone advise where I might find datasheets and / or guides for the following:

F450 Frame (what solder points to use etc)
MT2212 motor (which leads do what, ie +,-,control)
PixHawk 32bit AutoPilot
QUATTRO 4X 20A ESC (how to connect to PixHawk etc)

All parts bought from

I am new to the hobby and are building a drone with the pixhawk (3DR) and FRsky Taranis X9D+.


Here are some more details on those things that I have more information on.

F450 Frame Dimension

F450 Assembly

But since you are using a 4in1 ESC you will not need to use any of those solder points as the 4in1 ESC has all of those things built in.


As for the brush-less motors, it does not matter what order you connect them, you only need to swap two of the wires if you find that it is rotating the wrong way around. That is probably why you could not find much information about the connectors.

Pixhawk Setup

Lastly in terms of setting up pixhawk and connecting everything to it, I suggest you have a look at the manual here

If you do have any questions about something just let me know and I will try to help.

Hello and thank you for the reply. I have since seen a wealth of info regarding the Pixhawk thanks.

Regards the F450, a circuit diagram would be handy just for future knowledge.

The MT2210 motors wires are not coloured as they are in the pics above. So left is red, middle black and right blue?


I dont have a PCB diagram but all you need to know is that all the +ve connector are connected, and all the -Ve ones are connected.

As for the motors, yes you can assume left is red, middle black and right blue, but as I said if you connect them and find the motor is spinning the wrong direction just swap two of the wires.

RE PCB, thanks.

Motors, yes I knew you could swap the leads to reverse them, I just didn’t want to be plugging the control wire (if thats the correct term) into the positive or negative connector of the ESC. Dont know if that would cause damage, but hard to identify as no markings anywhere (or colours) that I could detect, so thanks for clarifying.

What about on the Quattro 20Ax4 ESC. Again, no markers or colours, so I dont know which is positive, ground and signal.

No instructions come with it, so left guessing a bit

Any thoughts from anyone . . . .

Sorry about the delays in getting back to you about this, for some reason I was not notified via email.

To connect the ESC to your flight controller you will see 4 wires, 1 of them will have 3 cables, and the others will have a 3pin connector but only one of them are being used. On the actual ESC you will see some labels for each of the wires.

  • S1 wire (brown) connects to ESC 1 / Motor 1
  • S2 wire (red) connects to ESC 2 / Motor 2
  • S3 wire (orange) connects to ESC 3 / Motor 3
  • S4 wire (3 wires, black, red, white) connects to ESC 4 / Motor 4 where the wite wire is the signal, red is 5V output and the black is ground.

If you have any other questions just let me know

Sorry my question was bout connecting the ESC to the motors not to flight controller. I have figured it out now.


In that case it does not really matter as brushless motors dont have :heavy_plus_sign:, :heavy_minus_sign:, and a signal wire. With brushless motors, each wire goes to a set of coils inside the motor and the ESC sends power at precise timing to each set of coils to cause the motor to spin. An example is shown below but ignore the to Battery writing as that should be to ESC in our case.

So when connecting the wires to your motor it does not really matter, but if you find that the motor is spinning in the wrong direction you just need to swap any of the 2 wires to change the spin direction.

Oh I didnt know that, thank you for that post. All makes sense now :slight_smile:

How do u connect a brushed motor to an esc? like why do u always see a black and red wire?