ESC to Motor Wiring

Hi all,

I’m current building a 3DR based Y6 and I’m at the point where I’m connected the ESC’s to the Motor’s. However, the motors are not colour coded. Does anyone know the order the need to connect?


In general you don’t need to worry about the order of how you connect the motors initially (thats why sometimes the motor wires are all one colour), but if you when testing and you find the motor spinning in the wrong direction then you just need to swap two of the wires from your ESC to Motor and the direction will reverse. An example of this is shown in the picture below

:exclamation: Important - Make sure to disconnect your battery first before switching the motor ESC wires!

Hope that helps

That is great. Thanks.

HI, I followed this thread because in reading the manual I found, I suspected the manual was incorrect, your wiring shows what I expected in the first diagram, black to black, red to red and then blue in middle. This is my experience. But to switch direction of spin, I am used to keepin Black in place and switching blue and red. Your diagram switches the black and blue while maintaining position of red. Can anyone confirm that the picture above is correct with red staying put?

It does not matter too much about which order the wires are in, if you find the motor is spinning the wrong way you just need to swap any 2 of the wires. Some people prefer to leave the central wire fixed and swap the two outer ones, but either way is fine. Also please make sure that the power is disconnected before swapping the motors to ESC wires around.