Brushed Motor wiring, how to swap rotation direction

How do I wire up a clockwise v666 motor for a cyclone quadcopter

There is no such thing as ‘clockwise’ or ‘anticlockwise’ brushed motors (which it uses). You just connect the power leads the correct way around on the FC board to make it spin correctly.

Have a look here for an example…

P.s. I don’t have such a quad, but it’s basic electronics, and should apply similar to the vid.

Thanks mate very helpfull but lm stil a little confused as to yhe earth wire running down the side of some of them the motorss ive orderd dont look like they seem to have them cheers​:+1::v:

Brushed motors have brushes (hence the name :smile: ) and produce small sparks when they run.
An earth wire on the case may well be there to help reduce any interference that the sparks produce.

Try it without, and add an earth wire if you have problems.

Thanks mate answered like an expert very helpful