Motors spinning the right way?

This is the dumbest newbie question I’ve asked so far.
How can i check if my motors are spinning the right way?
I have tried this through beta flight and from my receiver BUT, the motors spin too damn fast! i’ve even tried filming it in slo-mo. please don’t laugh

I have just tried a quick over test and i got no takeoff!
back to the drawing board

I dangle a thin piece of paper on the side/top of the motor and see which way it leans
Works for me :grinning:

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erm, that’s actually a real common sense approach! I’m slightly embarrassed that i didn’t think of that! trying too hard to be technical i think!
thank you

Thank you! it seems all my motors are spinning CW!!
Betaflight; is this a fix i can programme or am i soldering motors to esc’s again!?

BLHeli suite is software that will allow you to reverse direction without having to change any wires over
It used to be done with a USB adapter onto the servo style connector but now modern FC boards will connect to the ESC for you
Have a look at YouTube for your particular combination

PS BLHeli Suite is now a Chrome App I used it a couple of nights ago for DYS -S ESC’s on a Seriously Pro Racing F3 board it worked great

Haha, all these years and I never thought about a piece of paper… Sometimes I wonder :blush: