I bought these ESC’s
and I want to set them up using BLHeliSuite - and I’m hopelessly confused.
I bought the 20 amp version - removed the various adapters and soldered the engines directly to the ESC’s. (EMAXcooling 2300kv) - the motors etc are running fine - except they all spin the wrong way - I’m using a CC3D flight controller - Flashed with Boris Betaflight and I’m now using Cleanflight - and an X8R / Taranis Receiver/transmitter.
I don’t really want to remove the ESC/Motor units, exchange wires and solder things again - I would rather just reverse the engine directions on BLHeliSuite… Sorry for being so slow off the mark !

This shows how to do it on blheli suite

And here’s the video

Hope that helps you not get soldering iorn out lol

Hello Perry
I’ve watched the various Youtube videos and followed all the instructions.
I’m not having much success:

I’m unable to proceed any further - as the ESC’s do not appear to be recognised.

Cleanflight Setup

Do you have any suggestions ?

Kind regards


Hi davy.

Is it possible to swap the whole arm and esc from front to back, or side to side without the soldering. in the video the man mentions about having to solder a wire on esc to flash the bootloader that’s maybe why you can’t get esc’s to be seen.
If not I could only suggest the soldering option unless you have bullet connectors on motors :expressionless: if not I’m sure @unmannedtech1 know how to doit :sunglasses:

Thanks perry

I was meticulous when setting this Quad up.

BLHelisuite does not appear to work with these ESC’s.

The Unmanned Tech information sheet indicates that these ESC’s will work with BLHeliSuite, and are fully programmable.

Can someone from Unmanned Tech please advise me ?

I’m sure it’s down to my limited understanding and a wee bit of advice from an expert will sort it all this out very quickly.

Many thanks… David