BLHeliSuite32 - won't load up

Without resorting back to soldering, I’m trying to connect BTHeliSuite via Betaflight to reverse the direction of two of my motors. However when I try and read the configuration I get the following error (see screenshot)

Any suggestions as to what I can try to resolve this issue with BLHeliSuite? It’s the latest version btw.
Erasing or trying to flash the ESC’s fails every time.
Flight controller is a F4 Magnum Stack with 4-in-1 ESC’s.

You have the wrong version of BLHeliSuite buddy.

BLHeliSuite32 is for 32bit ESCs

You need the other version

Thanks Jason - bleedingly obvious now :slight_smile:
You’ve saved me some soldering now, so very much appreciated.

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