Rotation of FPV Motor

Hello guys,
I bought myself 4 x EMAX RS2205 2600KV S Motors


All 4 Motors have a CW Threading, but can be also used as CCW.
What i dont understand is how to use them as CCW?
I read something about CW/CCW Prop Nuts, but i dont know if this solves anything…

I would be so happy if someone could describe to me how to setup these Motors.

Thank you.

Motors can spin in either direction CW or CCW depending on the motor direction set in BLHeli

CW Threading just tells you which direction the threading is running.
Just use nylon locking screws and they wont come undone.

It was a thing a while ago…
Put a CW motor spinning CCW and the prop shouldn’t spin its self lose… (so something like that)

Yeah, it doesnt matter as long as you are using locknuts…

But yes the theory goes that if you put CCW nuts on a CW motor, the natural torque tightens the nut so its unlikely to come loose. But this gets annoying so if you just use locknuts then its not a problem :slight_smile:

Hi…i am a new user here. According to me If you are building a new quadcopter, you have to make sure the motors are spinning the correct direction before putting propellers on for your first flight. If one or multiple motors are spinning the wrong direction, the quad will flip over at take off.By swapping ANY 2 out of 3 motor wires to the ESC, you can easily reverse the rotation direction of the motor. Doesn’t matter which two, the result would be the same.

Yep, that’s the way I’ve done it before. Easier to do it via software though as stops having to desolder and solder connections. :slight_smile:

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