LHS guy said he uses all CW motors

I stopped in for some prop nuts and shared my 250 build with him. Of course the LHS didn’t have and 5mm CCW nuts. Hard to come by actually. He said he switched all his motors to CW for that vary reason. He said he reprogrammed the FC and all is well. Can that even work? Don’t you lose rudder? Also, can’t you buy all CW motors, and just change the ESC wire to make it go CCW? Then there is no CCW prop nut issue. You can use a locking nylon nut to keep the props on. Seems like an ok idea. I have spun off two factory CCW prop nuts, so this is why i am asking. Thanks!

You cant fly a quadcopter if all the motors are spinning in the same direction (as you need the counter rotating motors to compensate for the torque/yaw effect)

However it is technically possible to use all CCW motors and have two of them spin CW, as brushless motors can actualy spin any direction. When we refer to CCW/CW motors its actually referring to the thread on the nut as the thread is designed so that the nut tightens when the motors spin. So if you are using all CCW thread on your motor and you make sure the nuts are properly fastened then its totaly fine to use.

Hope that helps